Poland // Babie Doły – Gdynia’s beachy suburbs

In the sea you see Hexengrund, a torpedo research facility between 1942-1945 owned by the Germans. Poland was occupied by the Germans in those years. After the war, the Soviets used the area for military exercises. Today it is abandoned.

The legend says that those big white letters ‘TKACZ’ are a memorial for a man who was said to be diving at the spot and drowned there. But others say it is the name of the graffiti artist that does a lot of artworks there.

At winter I found it a bit of a creepy spot, I even found a bone on the beach and the bullet holes and target boards were still sitting in those empty buildings at the beach itself.

At summer we went swimming (read: ‘sunbathing’ because the water was freezing). I’d have to admit that it was a much more relaxing place once the sun was out.



This is how the place looked many years ago. (I do not own this picture if you do let me know)

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